Cost-Effective and Accurate
Columbus Productions knows that proofing is critical to verifying accuracy in both content and color, so we give you the opportunity to proof in a number of different ways — from black and white laser samples to contract color proofs or digital pdf proofs. We have a variety of techniques to customize solutions based on your individual job requirements, and our customer service representatives work with you to give you the most cost-effective proofs available to display how the printed job will look when completed.
PDF Proof is an electronic sample sent directly to you through email, an FTP site or other electronic means, showing you the actual size and layout of the printed piece. This enables speedy approval of initial proofs.


Color Laser Proof allows inexpensive changes to be made quickly and early in the printing process. The color laser proof is mailed to the customer for approval or is marked for corrections and returned to us.


Separated Laser Proof is a black-and-white proof that provides an image of each color used for the job to ensure that the artwork will separate properly.
Digital Blueline Proofs are appropriate for most color and black-and-white jobs, and produce a copy of exactly what will be printed on press. Proofs are double-sided, representing the press sheet, then trimmed and folded like the final product.


Digital Kodak Color Proof is an inkjet proof on a satin-finish paper that is calibrated to match process color on press. The only difference between this proof and your printed product is the paper stock.


Remote Proofing Click here for Remote Proofing